Dailyness & Bitcoin for All

Practice Daily. Earn Bitcoin.

The first dailyness app that pays you Bitcoin.
$0 raised for Day members. Get your peace.

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The Day System

Practice Daily. Earn Bitcoin.

FeatureFeel Great

Take the first step and publicly declare your intentions. Practice these every day.

FeatureGain Confidence

Your Day Count grows every day you satisfy your intentions. Build this up!

FeatureEarn Bitcoin

Practice every day and collect cheerz to earn the most Bitcoin possible.

FeatureGive Back

Support members with monthly cheerz. Sponsor the best in others.

Day helps me stick to my fitness routine to look and feel great! It's the app that just works for me.

Dailyness has transformed my life. Day helps me keep my streak alive so I know I'm always taking a step forward.

Your journey continues

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No Cut for Day

No Fees

FeatureDailyness Only

We are here to support our community, not to take fees. Other platforms will take a fee based on the funds they raise. Day does not and will not take any fees ever.